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How To Install Cabinet Doors With Long Soft Close Frameless Hinges


In this how-to, we'll be discussing:

- How to install long soft close frameless hinges on your cabinet door

- How to install the door

- How to adjust the hinges

The video below will give you step by step instructions. We have also included these instructions in text form below the video.

How To Install Cabinet Doors With Long Soft Close Frameless Hinges

Installing the hinges on the door

These hinges are equipped with plastic unidirectional pressure-fit dowels.

- Align the dowels with the pre-drilled hole (if your door was already bored for hinges).

- Use a rubber mallet to tap the hinge into place.

Attaching Top Mounting Plate To Top Hinge

On the back of the hinge, you’ll find 2 hooks and a spring loaded mounting clasp.

- Position the mounting plate into the hooks and press firmly until it clicks into place.

Attaching The Door To The Cabinet

Using the guides attached to the mounting plate to align the plate on the frame will give you the proper depth.

- Use a spacer block to find mounting height for the plate (the size block needed will vary based on overlay size).

- Holding the plate in place, use #6 x 3/4 phillips head wood screws to attach the plate to the cabinet. You can use a #2 phillips driving bit and a standard drill to perform this step.

- Then remove the spacer block.

- Connect the hooks on the hinge into the clasp in the mounting plate, then push to click the hinge into place.

- Align the top hinge with the face of the cabinet.

- Using #6 x 3/4 phillips head wood screws, attach the top plate to the cabinet.

Adjusting The Hinges 

- Turning the front screw clockwise will move the door to the right while turning it counterclockwise will move it left.

- Turning the rear screw counterclockwise will move the door away from the cabinet while turning it clockwise will move. it toward the cabinet

- The top cam screw will adjust the hinge up or down 1/16” (make sure to adjust both hinges at the same time).

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